Enjoy the Bomboniere with their beautiful wrapping by simply placing your plant on a window seal with natural light and water with 1 tablespoon daily. Within weeks you can re-pot to a larger pot to see your plant grow even more (see your plant type below for planting instructions).


Unwrap your wrapping, place plant pot in a small plate with water on the base, the plant will soak up as much water as required. Within weeks you can re-pot to a larger pot to see your plant grow even more (see your plant type below for planting instructions).

Refer to your plant type below for planting instructions:

BASIL – “Sweet”
A sweet, spicy flavour that complements cooking.
Position – Full sun.
Sow – Direct. Cover Seed Raising Mix, firm down and keep moist. Thin out to 20cm apart. Can be grown indoors in pots in well-lit areas.
Care – Plant in full sun in a well-drained soil. Water regularly. Frequent picking ensures a continuous supply. Will grow well indoors in pots. Mature plants in bloom can be cut and dried for winter use. If grown outdoors protect from snails and slugs with Blitzem.

Renowned for their emerald green foliage. Grows in a long pyramidal shape. Excellent as screening plant or trimmed into a formal hedge.
Care – Water in well when planting and water through the first 2 months. Best in a position where it receives adequate light.

To flower well, most gardenias need some sun. They’ll grow in full sun in cooler areas but, in most climates, their favourite aspect is morning sun and afternoon shade. Water the plant regularly but make sure the water can drain away. Dry gardenias will drop their buds and possibly even some of their leaves. Mulch over the root system with an organic layer and make sure that potted gardenias particularly aren’t allowed to dry out between watering.

When potting up gardenias, dig some pre-soaked Water Storing Crystals into the potting mix – they’ll help hold extra moisture. In very dry climates it can also be helpful to mist spray water over the leaves on hot days, although not when the sun is directly hitting the plant.

Plant them in a good well drained soil in a sunny position. Water well to establish a good root system. Great as a specimen shrub, formal hedge or potted greenery on the patio. This is a hardy variety that excels in warmer climates.

Thrives best in warm/hot climates with well-drained soil and full sun.  Lavender can be planted in pots or the ground, can be used as a hedge or mass plant. Keep the plant well watered in the early days. The Lavender flowers all year round.

Acmena smithii “Lilly Pilly”
Description: Compact growth habit with pink/bronze new growth and small white flowers during summer.
Use in: Outdoor plant perfect for low hedges and borders with richly coloured new growth appearing throughout the year following pruning.
Location: Sunny to part shade. Tolerates light frost.
Care: Mulch and water well, prune as required to promote new growth and fertilise using a native slow release fertiliser yearly.

Oregano loves the sun; ensure your placement has full, strong sun for strong flavor.
For thin plants, plant 8 to 10 inches apart. The plants will grow 1 to 2 feet tall and spread about 18 inches

Allow oregano to grow to about 4 inches and then pinch or trim lightly to encourage a denser and bushier plant

Oregano doesn’t need a lot of water.

To ensure the best-quality plants, thin out plants that are 3 or 4 years old in the early spring. Oregano is self-seeding, so the plants will easily grow back.

You can divide the plants in late spring if you want to put one indoors.

How to Plant

Before planting, the tree should be well watered.

Fertilize newly planted trees only after good growth begins in spring.

Mulching helps to conserve water, cool the soil, and reduce weed growth.

Prefers a sunny position in well-drained soil. To maintain a Murraya hedge prune lightly 2-3 times a year in Spring & Summer. Give a final prune in Autumn after flowering. They produce fragrant, white flowers in abundance in Spring then again in late Summer or early Autumn.

Loves a sunny spot with good soil drainage. A newly planted rosemary plant needs to be watered frequently for the first 2 weeks to help it become established, but after it has been established, it needs little in the way of watering other than rainfall.
This is a tough as boots variety with strap like foliage. Iris blooms with exquisite iris like flowers for an extended period through spring and summer. Maximum growth rate: 1m in width & heights.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

Enjoy your beautiful plants, and watch them grow.